My name is Haley I'm 16 and I'm a born and raised California girl. I do request for preferences and imagines and will do blurb and ship request if you message me. 5SOS preferences list

A Day With 5SOS

  • <b> <b></b> Ashton:</b> Hey does anyone seen my bandana?<p><b>You:</b> yes it is-<p><b>Michael:</b> Does my hair look good today?<p><b>You :</b> yes Mich-<p><b>Ashton:</b> GUYS WHERE IS MY BANDANA<p><b>You:</b> I think Its- CALUM PUT YOUR PANTS ON<p><b>Cal:</b> Why?<p><b>Michael:</b> Calum does my hair look punk rock?<p><b>Calum:</b> I dont care<p><b>Ashton:</b> I JUST WANT MY BANDANA<p><b>You:</b> ITS IN THE BATHROOM<p><b>Ashton:</b> THATS BLUE I WANT THE RED ONE<p><b>Michael:</b> WHAT ABOUT MY HAIR<p><b>You:</b> *throws a pillow to michael's face*<p><b>Calum:</b> IM OUT MOTHERFUCKERS *takes off his underwear*<p><b>Ashton:</b> HEY DONT SWEAR<p><b>You:</b> CALUM TAKE SOME CLOTHES ON<p><b>Ashton:</b> GUYS MY BANDA-<p><b>Michael:</b> *throws the pillow to ashtons face*<p><b>Ashton:</b> *falls to the ground*<p><b>You:</b> OMG ASHTON YOU OK?<p><b>Michael:</b> HE'S FINE BUT HOWS MY HAIR??<p><b>Luke:</b> *breaths*<p><b>EVERYBODY:</b> SHUT UP LUKE<p><p>

Imagine Luke mimicking you rolling your eyes at him making you laugh. *requested*

Imagine Michael laughing at you because you think you’re punk rock but he doesn’t. *requested*

Imagine Calum fixing his hair before you walk in the room but you catch him. *requested*

Imagine Ashton just looking at you and admiring everything about you. *requested*

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