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5SOS Preferences List

Here’s all my preferences that I have made so far! I will have more by tomorrow.

5SOS Preference - How he wakes you up

Ashton - Tickling.  He loves to tickle you so you wake up with a smile on your face.  Your laugh echoes through the room until Ashton lets you breath and carries you out of bed.

Calum - Cuddling.  You always wake up in Calum’s arms and your arms wrapped around him.  You both like to lay together for awhile until you have to get up and start the day.

Luke - Kissing.  He loves to wake you up by kissing the back of your neck and make his way to your lips and kissing them until you wake up.  Then you have a little morning make out session.

Michael - Touching.  You know Michael is very touchy feely, so waking you up is no different.  He rubs his hands up and down your arms, sides, back, any place he can get his hands on before you wake up and stop him.




Men with those golden laughs

Jeremy Rennerimage

Tom Hiddlestonimage

Misha Collinsimage

David Tennant image

Benedict Cumberbatchimage

Jared Padaleckiimage

Chris Hemsworthimage


I’m sorry?? How did this man not make that list?




Look at him. He’s adorable.

Excuse me I think you forgot someone very important 









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5SOS Preference - He realizes he’s in love with you (gif)/His POV

Michael - 

She’s just so perfect.  I never thought I would feel this way about anyone but she changed that.  She’s the most beautiful person inside and out.  Holy shit I think I’m in love with her.

Ashton -

Her smile is just..wow.  Everything about her is wow.  I love her smile, and her eyes, and her personality, and her spirit, and her heart, and… I love her.

Calum - 

She’s so cute when she’s in a good mood.  Who am I kidding she’s cute in any mood.  She smiles at me.  ”I love you.” She mouths as I smile at her.  I love you too, I love you so much more than you think.

Luke -

Look at her, I need to tell her, but I can’t.  It will ruin the friendship that we have had for so long.  What if she doesn’t feel the same? Oh I don’t care I have to tell her I’m in love with her


don’t you think this is extremely hot or


I actually take this as porn


sweaty ashton makes things to me hELP


5SOS Preference - Your sex song

Ashton - Motivation - Kelly Roland

Calum - Ride - Somo

Luke - Dive In - Trey Songz

Michael - Kiss You Inside Out - Hedley

5SOS Preference - How you hug


Ashton - Ashton wraps one arm around your waist and the other hand rest on the back of your head so he can massage the back of your head. You rest your head on Ashton’s shoulder and wrap your arms around his mid back.

Luke - Luke is extremely tall so you have to go on your tiptoes and wrap your…