My name is Haley I'm 16 and I'm a born and raised California girl. I do request for preferences and imagines and will do blurb and ship request if you message me.

Imagine Ashton getting distracted by you during rehearsal and he gets caught *requested*

imageImagine Calum is performing and he can’t keep his eyes off you

imageImagine the boys teasing Michael while he sings because they know he’s singing about you.

imageImagine video chatting with all the boys and Luke starts to flirt with you.

Imagine Calum getting excited after your first date because you kissed him.

imageImagine Michael getting ready for you date and the boys try to distract him. *requested*

Imagine Luke reading your text that says you’ll go out with him. *requested*

Imagine the boys teasing Ashton about hearing you two last night and he gets shy.

5SOS Preference - How you cuddle

Calum - You like to lay on Calum’s chest using it as a pillow.  Calum wraps his arms around your waist to make you feel protected, when you wake up in the morning you struggle to get out of his grip until you give up and wake him up.

Luke - Luke likes to lay on his side when he sleeps so he pulls you into his chest while he wraps his arms around your neck, snuggling with you.  He kisses the top of your head and rubs it letting you calmly fall asleep in his arms.

Michael - Michael always lays on top of your chest.  If he had a long day of work or was exhausted after sex he would just lay down on your chest and just fall asleep on it almost immediately.  You smile down at him and massage his scalp so he is relaxed.

Ashton - You know that Ashton is very playful, especially in bed so when you two are going to bed he spoons you.  He kisses your neck or plays with your hair, giving him something to do.  You sometime rub his arms or intertwine your fingers with his.

Imagine Calum seeing you in the crowd and flirting with you *requested*

Imagine your name gets mentioned in an interview and the boys tease Luke because they know he likes you. *requested*

Imagine the boys blindfolding Ashton and telling him you’re going to kiss him

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